Coaching organisations

I help organisations create environments where people become engaged and make impacts. I also help organisations discover patterns that impede their ability to innovate and to stay viable in the market place, and that demotivate and disengage their staff. If your teams aren’t making the impact they need, if they’re innovating less, or becoming disengaged reach out and lets explore it together. Alternatively if things are fine but you want them better let’s look at how we can amplify that.

Increase team effectiveness and motivation

A newly formed team needs help with bootstrapping – that is becoming aligned between themselves and their goal, getting to know each other so trust can start to form, and defining a process to get them started. Planned bootstrapping can take as little as a day and help them get started on day two without conflict. For teams that have been around for a while they might help with thinking in new ways to counteract entropy.

JIT-Coaching (Just In Time)

I help managers and leaders explore issues they’re having to get to the root cause. I also help managers and leaders who’ve been thinking about things and just want to bounce ideas. Sometimes it’s about planning an offsite. Other times it’s performance coaching or finding alternative routes you had no idea existed. Managing an organisation (the environment) is not easy. I have experience from coaching and mentoring managers and leaders at different levels at small and large tech companies, startups, and from hyperscaling at companies such as Spotify.


There are times when it’s valueable to bring in external facilitators for example when you are planning to hold an offsite, unconference, meetup, event, or large scale retrospective with many participants or where you yourself would like to participate. I’ve facilitated self selections with 75 team members, offsites with up to 100 participants, and meetups with 200 people. I facilitate structured events as well as more informal ones such as problem solving meetings.

Agile training and workshops

I can help your product owners learn how to facilitate and create roadmaps such as user story maps and impact maps. I also teach different priorisitation techniques such as Kano and Cost of Delay. Among my most popular trainings you’ll find a 2 day workshop where teams learn how to create a roadmap and how to break down stories, and then use that knowledge to create a real product backlog specific to them. But I also offer a multitude of other agile trainings such as mob programming and introductions to Scrum and Kanban. From a leadership perspective my feedback training and Virginia Satir training on dealing with change are popular and appreciated.

Public speaking

If you’re planning to hold a breakfast seminar about agile, leadership, or coaching organisations, or for example introduce agile to your organisation and would like to kick it off with a customized keynote or presentation let me know.

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