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    Help workshop groups collaborate better, faster, with the Workshop Collaboration Canvas

    It takes weeks if not months of interactions for a team to really come together and collaborate well. So when we put a group of people who don’t collaborate on a regular basis into a workshop and expect them to solve an important problem in a day or two, that group is unlikely to be operating at their collective best. But since we know this even before going into the workshop, we as facilitators can accelerate the group’s ability to collaborate openly and freely through different exercises. Working Agreements is a popular exercise that helps groups but it alone won’t get the group there because the participants are either not…

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    Use the Value Cards exercise to help your teams collaborate better

    Edit 17/11/07. Now available for purchase   What do you think happens when someone who values empathy, love, kindness, respect, and humility joins the same team as someone who values boldness, success, fame, influence, and reputation if they are unaware of their own values and their differences with each other? Do you think they would collaborate well, make use of each others unique perspectives, and look to each other to complement their ideas? Or do you think they would struggle, misunderstand, and avoid each other? Our personality and values drive our behaviors and they’re all very different thingsOur personality is the unique and relatively stable pattern of our feelings, thoughts, and…

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    First correct the environment, then coach the teams

    Some organisations attempt to increase their teams performance by injecting agile coaches or scrum masters into their teams. At the same time the environment is not conducive to coaching which means that coaching will not have any significant effect until the environment has been adjusted. To create an environment that enables autonomy and evokes high performance the following four conditions are necessary: Teams need a (one) compelling mission. Teams need the necessary skill set to deliver value (to customers or internal stakeholders) or at least a good enough match and time to learn more. Teams need to feedback from the customers and organisation. Teams need focus both in terms of…

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    Powerful observations

    Some agile coaches and managers are uncomfortable with setting expectations, offering feedback, and making decisions on behalf of other people, and they go around asking powerful questions. “Who am I tell people what to do in our autonomous organisation?” they sometimes say. However, utilizing powerful questions when there is a specific answer that the team needs to arrive at only allows the situation to continue, can damage your relationships, and can sub divide your team. One alternative to asking powerful questions is making powerful observations and in this blogpost I share three different examples of how to make and visualize powerful observations. Making powerful observations helps teams see themselves which makes…

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